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Being a farmer’s son from western New South Wales, Australia, I have a strong “DIY” orientation. What that means is that I’m practical, I like to do things myself, and I like to know how things work.

I don’t like to throw stuff away; I prefer to keep it and re-purpose it at some future point. I enjoy physical labor and believe strongly that physical labor is ennobling and good for one’s soul. I enjoy being connected to the soil.

I often embark upon projects about which I know nothing at the outset; I learn along the way. I’m not particularly afraid of failure. I think I’ve learned far more from my failures than from my successes.


In my over thirty years of corporate finance and management experience, I served a diverse set of roles including Turnaround Specialist, General Manager, CEO, CFO, Vice President of Finance, Controller and Treasurer.
I have served on the boards of several local nonprofit organizations and realized that there is huge need for financial expertise in the nonprofits sector.
Currently I’m  an outsourced CFO and/or business consultant for a diverse set of non-profits, including LA Best, The Center for the Partially Sighted and CESMII – Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and The Beacon House Association.
To best serve my rather national clientele, I rely on cloud based accounting software such as Xero and Intacct, and cloud based document sharing and communications –  an efficient and fast way to serve my clients with the most innovative software packages and technologies.
Bern Galvin, Founder of Bucha, live Kombucha
A few years ago I founded a natural organic beverage company. Bucha, a good tasting kombucha began in my kitchen as a result of my dissatisfaction with the commercial kombucha that I’d been purchasing up until that point. Today Bucha is a national brand sold in many places in the US through Whole Foods, Kroger and Vons/Safeway and even Costco in some areas, and throughout Canada. Bucha is now part of New Age Beverage Corporation, a publicly traded company that trades on the NASDAQ.
Bern Galvin, Founder of Bucha, live Kombucha


High School: St. Ignatius College, Riverview , NSW, Australia. Matriculated in top 10% of class, and obtained a full Commonwealth Academic Scholarship to University

University Degrees: both from the University of New South Wales , Sydney, Australia

  • B. Com [Bachelor of Commerce] specialty in Accounting and Finance
  • LL.B [Bachelor of Law] specialty in Business and Tax Planning



Let’s connect –
send me an email to berngalvin2@gmail.com